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Our personal training sessions provide you with all over body conditioning.

The lessons take place in our private gym in Bramley, Leeds, helping you feel comfortable and relaxed during your sessions. At this venue we have all the equipment you need to develop your skills and reach your targets. All of the personal training sessions are tailored to your specific needs and goals. Every lesson is different to keep you motivated and excited about attending your next session.

Each lesson pushes you to maximise your potential outcome, whether this be to improve fitness, build muscle, lose weight, gain weight or body toning. The intensity of lessons gradually increases as the weeks go by, leaving you feeling great after each session.

An induction lesson can be arranged at the discounted rate of only £22.40. At the induction you can expect to see the facilities, discuss your aims and targets with the personal trainer, and have a work out. See our personal training induction tab to find out more.