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Face to Face Personal Training Leeds

As well as providing education and helping you to reach your fitness goal efficiently, personal training can help you to improve your fitness levels, psychological well-being, cultivate consistency, increase motivation, offer positive social interactions and reduce stress.

Here at Elemental Fitness we will give you the guidance and support you need on your fitness journey on a short or a long term basis. We have a range of personal trainers at Elemental Fitness who are well equipped and qualified with a diverse range of skills to accommodate anyone no matter of age or ability.

As part of your first session we will cover a wide set of questions to gather as much information from you to better understand what you would like to achieve from personal training.

Here at Elemental Fitness we offer a wide range of training methods for you. Whether you're training alone or in a group towards a personal goal like weight loss, improving strength and/or physical/mental health, or something more specific such as a such as a marathon, fitness exam or charity run, we tailor our workouts to you. Our aim is to help you achieve your goals whilst enjoying your workout ensuring your training session becomes a key part of your lifestyle.

The Benefits Of Face to Face Personal Training

There are countless benefits to having a personal trainer, harnessing a personal trainer skills and experience can result in increasing you success rate alongside increasing your workout motivation through regular support and interesting work outs. We have listed some of our favourite benefits below

- Improved technique

- Improved form

- Reduced risk of injury

- Faster results

- Increased motivation

- Variety in training

- Personalised training plans

- Expert advice and tips

- Nutritional advice

- Overcome Plateaus

- Create long term healthy habits

*for more information on the benefits of having a personal training you can read our blog here

Interested in getting started? Check out what's included in our induction, contact us or read on for a list of our training approaches and their benefits below.

Cardio Training

Burn Calories, Get Fit

Cardio training is a common training method. Its primary focus is to increase the users heart rate and get out of breath through quicker movements usually using body weight or light weights alone. These movements often result in a high heart rate relative to the individual and sweating. There are countless types of cardio with some of the most common examples been as running, swimming and skipping.

Cardio training is the staple of training when aiming for fat loss and improving overall health. The high levels of energy required to practice fast movements results in the body requiring more energy in the form of calories to meet with the bodies demands. The more movement the body does, the more calories the body uses. Cardio training does come with its benefits in terms of improving muscle mass and definition, combined with helping to reduce fat on the surface of the body - muscle growth will occur in the targeted areas such as the legs, glutes and abs when running. Cardio training reduces the risk of heart disease through strengthening the heart, and improves lung capacity - both noticed through improvements in physical performance. Cardio training can boost your energy levels overall helping you to feel better physically and mentally. It can improve the users sleep aiding with recovery and mood alongside boost the immune system helping your body protect itself.

As with any exercise programme the fat loss benefits will only occur when following a healthy and well balanced diet.

Weight Training

Tone Up, Get Strong

Weight training is a popular training method for many gym goers. Results can be noticed relatively quickly in comparison to other training methods and the level of intensity can vary from complete beginner to experienced weight lifter. Weight training ranges from high weight, low volume to lower weight, high volume, or anywhere in between. Depending on the members goals will dictate which approach we take and if it will incorporate any other training methods.

Weight training has many benefits. It can aid with fat loss due to the physical exertion when performing the movements and the increased muscle mass stimulating the metabolism. Naturally due to increased muscle the toning benefits follow helping members to feel more confident in their physical appearance. The increased muscle mass results in increased strength and power observed through physical performance. An increase in muscle mass improves posture and bone density reducing the risk of injury and chronic conditions such as osteoporosis. As with all exercise weight training improves overall physical and mental health by reducing the risk of heart disease and improving your mood.

Flexibility Training

Get Flexible, Reduce Risk of Injury

Flexibility Training is commonly missed but it is a valued element to all physical training regimes. Here at Elemental Fitness we encourage all clients to engage in regular stretching throughout their programme, sometimes this is included as part of your session, other times we will put a programme together for you to follow at home once you feel you are able.

Stretching helps to reduce the risk to injury by developing strength and flexibility allowing you to withstand greater physical stress. Improved flexibility can improve the performance of exercise by reducing pain when performing certain movement due to increase strength and suppleness, such as the movement of a lunge on the hip flexors and quadriceps. When improving flexibility your bodies posture and balance will also improve reducing the risk of injury in the back and whilst performing exercises which require better balance, such as split squatting, jumping or kicking. Like with many exercises improvements in flexibility will improve your confidence with certain movements helping with to improve your general state of mind and physical performance.

Fartlek/Speed Training

Improve Speed, Improve Endurance

Fartlek training is a physical training method concentrating on the improvement of speed. This type of training is particularly good for individuals who want to improve speed and performance in certain sports such as running and martial arts.

Fartlek training a highly effective way of improving lung capacity due to its high intensity approach. It is a great test for strength and endurance and stats can be recorded displaying clear improvements in performance and its physiological benefits. As a result fartlek training will help individuals improve their running speeds, such as those interested in competing in athletics or long distance running. This training method will also assist with tactics whilst the trainee establishes their limitations helping to plan ahead, particularly in longer distanced training. As with a lot of high intensity training fartlek training will build confidence in performance helping an individual push their boundaries such as engaging in a spurt when attempting to overtake a competitor or evading a strike from an opponent when feeling exhausted.

Kickboxing Training

Improve Balance, Reduce Stress

Kickboxing training is a sports based approach to physical exercise. Elemental Fitness has highly qualified martial arts instructors to teach members from complete beginner to more experienced black belts and competition fighters. We use the modern methods of freestyle karate and kickboxing to help individuals achieve their targets through the high energy approach this type of martial arts offers, whether it be improve fitness and strength, lose weight or learn martial arts, grade and compete.

Freestyle karate and kickboxing is a highly effective form of exercise. In terms of physical and psychological benefits, it sits their at the top. Its high energy work out helps to reduce stress and lift mood due to its cardio demands when training stimulating the release of endorphins alongside striking pads and bags with your hands, feet, elbows and knees. Kickboxing boosts self esteem and confidence enabling the participant to see improvements in their physical performance through better quality strikes, longer and more challenging combinations as well as the opportunity to grade through our academy. The movements improve a participants balance and coordination through kickboxing on one leg, jumping and controlled hand and foot movement. Physically kickboxing burns a lot of calories when performed correctly, the routines are physically demanding and all this movement requires lots of calories! Kickboxing is also great for developing and toning muscles through the striking of pads, changes in direction, jumping, and balancing on one leg for example. Kickboxing is a great motivator, its often referred to as been enjoyable and mentally stimulating due to the trainee developing a new skill. The social interaction between trainer and student, as well as the concentration required when performing the movements is a very rewarding form of exercise with the student eventually forgetting the fact, they are exercising!

Plyometric Training

Improve Agility, Boost Metabolism

Plyometric training is the use of jumps, hops, bounds and skips. This type of training is particularly useful for participants who want to improve agility, stability and balance alongside fitness and strength.

Plyometric training may be used in conjunction with another form of exercise such as kickboxing to improve balance and stability through careful jumps and one legged hops with or without the use of equipment dependent on the participants level. These explosive movements improve areas such as agility and flexibility due to the manipulation of the elasticity of the muscles by increasing the speed and force of the contractions. The benefits improve the speed and efficiency of the users muscles improving overall performance in sport. The movements undertaken whilst practicing plyometric training naturally increase calorie use helping towards weight loss, weight management and improve cardiovascular health. The intensity of the movements build, strengthen and tone the muscles increasing the users metabolism giving them confidence in their performance. As with many types of exercise plyometric training stimulates the release of endorphins due to the aerobic demands benefiting mental health by relieving stress and improving mood.

Core Work

Improve Balance, Improve Stability

The area of the body, which is commonly referred to as the core, is your midsection and it involves all your muscles in that area including the front, back and sides. These muscles work as stabilisers for the entire body. Core training is simply doing specific exercises to develop and strengthen these stabilizer muscles.

If any of these core muscles are weakened, it could result in lower back pain or a protruding waistline. Keeping these core muscles strong can do wonders for your posture and help give you more strength in other exercises like running and walking.

At Elemental Fitness, we have extensive knowledge in core exercises. Due to our kickboxing experience, we know how important it is to keep it strong to maintain a tall posture and help towards balance when kicking. In every session you have with us you’ll always engage your core muscles to achieve the best form in most exercises whether your sessions are cardio or resistance based.

If you are serious about your resistance training then you don’t want to miss out on core work. Having a strong core enables heavier lifts and increases your chances of having a healthy looking six-pack.

Circuit Training

Condition your Body, Get Social

At Elemental Fitness we run circuit classes suitable for all fitness levels. The intense circuit based training provides fun, challenging and varied work-outs to suit you. Our qualified fitness instructors will support you at every step of the way providing you with all the attention you need.

Boot Camps

Get Focused, Get Challenged

Personal training boot camps are specific programmes to put you through your paces, offering a wide range of packages from standard boot camps, Bridal boot camps and Groom boot camps to name a few. The boot camps are intense and help you get on track to reaching your goals.

For further information on our boot camp options please visit here.

Elemental Fitness Online

Get Fit, At Home

Those with a busy lifestyle or just appreciate the aspect of convenience - whichever it is, having a personal trainer that can fit on your phone, tablet or computer allows you to maintain or even excel in your health and fitness needs without it hindering any work/life balance.

The online component of Elemental Fitness allows for a user to pick a program that either suits their goals or interest them, which they can access wherever and whenever.

Team this up with conventional face-to-face training an your health and wellbeing and now an integral part of your life meaning attaining goals has never been easier!

For further information on our online training options please visit here, or our remote personal training options please click here.

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